About Redyellowblue black and me

Nottingham based and architect trained

I’m an artist with my own very distinct style and subject matter. As you can see from my website, I really enjoy painting buildings. It’s hardly surprising that I like to create paintings of buildings, as I trained as an architect at Nottingham University, way back in the 70’s. My early career was as an architect in and around Nottingham.

My distinctive style is partly down to my children. I’ve always sketched and painted buildings as part of my work as an architect, and also for pleasure. Whilst walking out with my children I was forced to work quickly, to stop them getting bored. I developed a skill for catching the moment, working at speed and making sure I finished the illustration fast enough to keep the little ones happy.

Why Choose Redyellowblueblack?

My style of painting is truly unique, born out of a necessity to work both quickly and accurately, to be able to capture the essence of a location with as few strokes as possible. Work is still done at a pace, even though the children are grown up and gone. I use sploshes of colour around a charcoal definition, and I only ever use the colours red, yellow, blue and black – hence the name!

Where does Redyellowblueblack get it’s inspiration?

There is an element of Zen style approach to my work, a simplistic ‘right here, right now’ moment captured and put on canvas.

I’m very much inspired by van Gough’s use of colour and flow of paint; by Renee Grau in the speed and minimalistic approach to drawing fashion models, and by Mondrian’s use of colour.

I’m also passionate about French Café life, and in reading Maigret and  Montabalno. In fact, I’m considering publishing a sketch book called “From here to Leamington in 193 Lattes”!

If you are interested in purchasing my work, please feel free to browse the online store, or if you would like to commission a painting yourself please contact me to discuss how I can render your chosen building or subject uniquely forever in red, yellow, blue and black!